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Since the 1960s, Stocchiero has led the market in the making of moulds for this sector...

At the end of the Ď50s, industrial mass production of clothes began and a strong need arose for coat hangers that could be produced as quickly and cheaply as the items of clothing, for transporting, stocking and selling them.

The company immediately became a market leader in the creation of moulds for producing these objects.

Thanks to the known-how that Stocchiero srl has built up over almost fifty years, it can now offer complete solutions for their creation, from the design to the construction of the mould, also providing the customer with assistance during the mass production process of the object.

The moulds for producing coat hangers are different according to the productís destination of use: hangers for jackets and suits, skirts and trousers, underwear and pinafores.

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